Making pizza in my Ooni Koda 12

For Christmas I received a Ooni Koda 12 gas fuelled pizza oven, making fresh pizza is more challenging than it might seem

Centralizing VSTO add in exception management with postsharp 6

After much reading it seems you cannot handle exceptions globally in an Office add-in

My First Skydive @ LuxFly

All the fun of skydiving without the danger of jumping out of a plane?

KimaiDotNet based Office Add-ins

Bringing Kimai into the tools you spend your time in

Adding Chaos and Resiliency to Service with Polly and Simmy

With many connected services there will be exceptions, the should be known, tested and handled in a resilient way

Reset Forgotten Domain Admin Password

Having failed to press save in my password manager I soon found out I didn't know my only domain admin password

First Look at Project Tye


Signing Documents With a LuxTrust Signing Stick

It is not as easy as it should be to sign documents with a LuxTrust Signing Stick, after much trial and error this is what worked for me.

Validation Configuration at Startup

Blue Angels at RAF Hucknall Airshow

In 1973 the U.S. Navy Blue Angels aerobatic team, you won't believe what happened next!

Getting the most out of Swagger in your ASP.NET Core api

Migrating my blog from Wyam to Statiq

The CleanBlog theme has been created for Statiq so time to try and migrate.

Experimenting with YARP: A Reverse Proxy

YARP is a reverse proxy toolkit for building fast proxy servers in .NET using the infrastructure from ASP.NET and .NET.

How to Setup ASP.NET Core Health Check UI

Secure Swagger on ASP.NET Core by address and port

Secure ASP.NET Core Health Checks to a specific port

Health Checks in ASP.NET Core can give valuable insights into the health of services, but that includes sensitive data that should not be leaked externally.


VSTO installs over HTTPS issues

Using Netlify Identity with NetlifyCMS and Wyam

test a lead


Local Hostname Resolution To Port

How to Resolve a Local Hostname to a Port

Using Netlify Identity with NetlifyCMS and Wyam

test a lead

Setting up NetlifyCMS with Wyam - Part 3

Configuring a simple single user mode NetlifyCMS with Wyam

Test blog post for docs

This blog post was written in NetlifyCMS

Setting up NetlifyCMS with Wyam - Part 1

Configuring a simple single user mode NetlifyCMS with Wyam

How to fork a cloned repository in Visual Studio

First Post


Playing with Service Workers

Resolving System.NotSupportedException No data is available for encoding 850 in .net Core

Job Interview Technical Test Preparation

Setting up a Raspberry Pi NGINX PHP MySQL LEMP Stack

Running ASP.NET Core on a RaspberryPi 2 with Nginx

NUnit 3 Tests Are Not Showing In Visual Studio Test Explorer