Making pizza in my Ooni Koda 12

For Christmas I received a Ooni Koda 12 gas fuelled pizza oven, making fresh pizza is more challenging than it might seem

Published on Thursday, July 8, 2021

I love pizza but nothing you can buy from the shop comes close to freshly made pizza and delivery is usually getting cold by the time it arrives.

Luckily for Christmas I received an Ooni Koda 12 (Thanks Caitriona), just connect the bottle of gas turn it on and after 15 minutes you have a 400°C oven ready to cook a pizza in only 90 seconds.

Ooni have great recipes on their website for Classic Pizza Dough and Classic Pizza Sauce but the dough recipe doesn't seem to be quite right for the Ooni Koda 12, the bases just seem too big for the peels, but this could be my lack of knowledge with making bases, but I find a little less is better and I only usually want 2 pizzas each time I use the oven.

My Tweaked Recipe

The proportions remain the same, but the accuracy of the proportions are all important.

  • 242g “00” flour
  • 2.8g instant dried yeast (3.7g active dried yeast, 8g fresh yeast)
  • 48.5ml boiled water
  • 97ml cold water
  • 7.2g salt

For everything else follow the Classic Pizza Dough instructions for 2 perfectly sized pizzas for your Ooni Koda 12.