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Published on Saturday, May 29, 2021

As of v1.0.0.0 released on 09/03/2023 the VSTO is signed with an open source code signing cert from Certum this should mean the installation is automatically trusted.

If you installed a version before v1.0.0.0 you must uninstall it before installing v1.0.0.0 as the change in signing cert will prevent the upgrade working.

Until I get a real certificate you will need to install this self-signed certificate as a trusted root certification authority to be able to install the add-in.

Download Excel Add-in

Create an API password in Kimai

WARNING!!! If you try and login with your normal password it will fail!

Create an API Password in Kimai

Set the API credentials in the Excel Add-in

Set the API credentials in the Excel Add-in

Save the API credentials to activate the sync

Set the API credentials in the Excel Add-in

Usage of the Add-in

For now the Add-in only supports reading existing timesheets and adding new ones, and editing of timesheets will need to be done in Kimai.

Questions and suggestions

The GitHub repo can be found at the KimaiDotNet on GitHub.


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