Signing Documents With a LuxTrust Signing Stick

It is not as easy as it should be to sign documents with a LuxTrust Signing Stick, after much trial and error this is what worked for me.

Published on Wednesday, December 23, 2020


Installation is easy enough, download the correct installer from the LuxTrust Middleware Download page and install.

You will see the LuxTrust Middleware running in your system tray. System Tray After LuxTrust Middleware Install

You will notice 2 icons have been added to the systray. The LuxTrust Middleware has the distinctive logo LuxTrust Middleware System Tray Icon there are not many options when you click on the Middleware icon, configure allows you to change the log level and About has a Support tab which provides easy access to the log file (can be found at %UserProfile%\.luxtrust\logs), which does become useful quite soon. But what is this LuxTrust Middleware System Tray Icon second icon? Right click on the icon and choose about, you are greeted with this Gemalto Classic Client about box. Gemalto Classic Client About Box

But who are Gemalto and why is their toolbox installed on my system? It is not mentioned anywhere in the LuxTrust Middleware Installation Guide (warning links to a pdf), but if you had been watching the installer closely you will see it installed Classic Client Toolbox,


Signing PDF

Signing XML

Finding the right software to sign an XML file is not easy, the following is a list of software I tried with mixed results;