Try Hack Me - OpenVAS

Learn the basics of threat and vulnerability management using Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanning

Published on Saturday, June 24, 2023


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Task 1 - 6 Introduction

Read tasks 1 - 6 for an introduction to OpenVAS and instructions on setting it up.

As I already have a dedicated Kali VM running I went for the Install from Kali/OpenVAS repositories approach and use the Install from Kali/OpenVAS repositories guide, as of June 2023 it seems to just about work, I found some extra details on [Ceos3c - Install OpenVAS on Kali Linux] (

Additional steps were

  • create a user with sudo runuser -u _gvm -- gvmd --create-user=admin --password=admin, more details on the Greenbone Forum.
  • reboot, without this I was getting a strange permissions error on my home directory.

These issues were highlighted by running sudo gvm-check-setup

  • create a postgres user with sudo runuser -u _postgres -- /usr/share/gvm/create-postgresql-database
  • start redis with sudo systemctl start redis-server@openvas.service

With that I was able to login.

Task 7 - Practical Vulnerability Management

Question 1

When did the scan start in Case 001?


Feb 28, 00:04:46

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Question 2

When did the scan end in Case 001?


Feb 28, 00:21:02

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Question 3

How many ports are open in Case 001?



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Question 4

How many total vulnerabilities were found in Case 001?



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Question 5

What is the highest severity vulnerability found? (MSxx-xxx)



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Question 6

What is the first affected OS to this vulnerability?


Microsoft Windows 10 x32/x64 Edition

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Question 7

What is the recommended vulnerability detection method?


Send the crafted SMB transaction request with fid = 0 and check the response to confirm the vulnerability.

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