Centralizing VSTO add in exception management with postsharp 6

After much reading it seems you cannot handle exceptions globally in an Office add-in

After much reading around trying to find the best way to implement a global exception handler for a VSTO add-in on social msdn, stackoverflow and the Add-in Express forum I came across this solution using postsharp, this was the best solution I found but was 11 years old and relevant to postsharp 2, the library has changed a lot since then and the PostSharp.Laos namespace no longer exists as explained the postsharp support forum.


KimaiDotNet based Office Add-ins

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As of v1.0.0.0 released on 09/03/2023 the VSTO is signed with an open source code signing cert from Certum this should mean the installation is automatically trusted.


VSTO installs over HTTPS issues

Test with this setup.exe.