Centralizing VSTO add in exception management with postsharp 6

After much reading it seems you cannot handle exceptions globally in an Office add-in

After much reading around trying to find the best way to implement a global exception handler for a VSTO add-in on social msdn, stackoverflow and the Add-in Express forum I came across this solution using postsharp, this was the best solution I found but was 11 years old and relevant to postsharp 2, the library has changed a lot since then and the PostSharp.Laos namespace no longer exists as explained the postsharp support forum.


KimaiDotNet based Office Add-ins

Bringing Kimai into the tools you spend your time in

Until I get a real certificate you will need to install this self-signed certificate as a trusted root certification authority to be able to install the add-in.


VSTO installs over HTTPS issues

Test with this setup.exe.