Experimenting with YARP: A Reverse Proxy

YARP is a reverse proxy toolkit for building fast proxy servers in .NET using the infrastructure from ASP.NET and .NET.

A Route is the inbound URL which the reverse proxy is going to act on. The cluster is a list of potential destination URLs.

How to Setup ASP.NET Core Health Check UI

In Part one we setup the health check endpoints, now to add a frontend.

Secure Swagger on ASP.NET Core by address and port

This follows on from my previous post Secure ASP.NET Core Health Checks to a specific port and assumes that you already have your service running over 2 port and have specified a ManagementPort in the appsettings.json file.

Secure ASP.NET Core Health Checks to a specific port

Health Checks in ASP.NET Core can give valuable insights into the health of services, but that includes sensitive data that should not be leaked externally.

To secure Health Checks it is possible to make them available on internal addresses only and on a different port to the publicly served pages/API endpoints.

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Running ASP.NET Core on a RaspberryPi 2 with Nginx

I followed the instructions from Get Started and, and found that some additional configuration was required.